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2018 Goals

My Business & Personal Growth Goals for 2018

I’m not one to set new years resolutions because I’m quite bad with them, but over the years I have been good with setting goals that I tend see through. I love the start of a new year, means a fresh start, new beginnings and more exciting adventures. Although you can never predict how a year will unfold, for me there’s some type of excitement that comes with not knowing, the excitement of waiting to find out what is in store for you especially after you’ve had a good previous year.

My Business & Personal Growth Goals for 2018

So just like every year, I have set some goals, personal goals and business goals now that I run my own business. This time I thought it would be great to share them with you guys and maybe encourage you to do the same so we all grow into the people we desire to be and not allow a year to go to waste.

My Business Goals

  • Bag A Few Retainer Clients

My biggest goal this year is to grow my client list, but more especially retainer clients. Last year ended off on a good note where I landed business with a brand on a retainer basis. If you are a freelancer or run a creative agency you will know how crucial it is to land retainer clinets. It means you are guaranteed an income each month, but the best part is getting to work on a project to help it grow and become successful. Although my business started off with a lot of design work, which I highly appreciate, I really strive to work with brands offering my core services, as that is what my business is about.

  • Create More Content & Consistently

When I started blogging I had so much time and put in so much effort in creating content for my blog. But with more client work in my schedule I found myself slacking unintentionally. So I have made this one of my goals, as I really want to be consistent with creating content on my Social Media, Blog and my Newsletter. Being consistent will help me grow my platforms, drive more engagement and sales. So I have already started planning ahead and creating content so I don’t get overwhelmed when my schedule gets hectic. So look forward to weekly blog posts & newsletters, plus my platforms will have some interesting content daily.

  • Launch A YouTube Channel

I’ve been planning to join Youtube for a while now, as another way to create content and drive more engagement & knowledge. Youtube is fast growing in SA now and would be a great extention for my brand to be on the platform. At this moment I don’t want to say much till I know how I’m going to execute everything, because I definitley want good produced videos and unique content from the get go. So I’m busy planning and will be sharing the news soon as I know when the first video will go up

My Personal Goals

  • Adobt A Healthy Lifestyle 

This has to be one of the hardest goals and the most popular resolutions EVER! Once again this year I plan to try and live a better & healthy lifestyle. I don’t want to be hard on myself by setting goal weights and unrealistic diet plans, because I think I need to take things slowly and try to adobt a healthy lifestyle that I can continue with my whole life. So for now I will start by making better choices that will benefit my health positively.

  • Be In A Better Financial Situation 

For as long as I know I’ve never been good with money. Which has lead me in being in a very unhealthy situation. In 2017 I managed to be a little bit disciplined, but I want to be a lot better this year. I want to make sure I save as much as I can because there is so much I still want to fulfill and get and also make sure I don’t accumulate any bad debt that. This will also help me take care of my business financials better.

  • Spend More Time With Myself

This year is the year for self-love! Being someone who runs a business and a mother to a toddler can be a lot. I actually realized that I never take time to do things that make me happy or things that don’t have to do with work or being a mum. I plan to do more things that I enjoy, on my own, that will allow me to give myself to others better

Together with the goals I have listed above I will be doing a vision board that I will have up in my room with a few other things that I want to achieve this year. This will be a constant reminder of what I am working towards and things always look much better visually.

Have you set any goals or new years resolutions? Do you tend to list your goals or vision boards are your thing?

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