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Tips for starting a business

7 Things To Remember When Starting A New Business

Venturing into entrepreneurship can be an exciting process but very challenging. There is definitely no right or wrong way to do things, you take the necessary steps you feel are needed for your brand.

7 Things To Remember When Starting A New Business

I’ve definitely had my fare share of challenges over the years, that helped me gain knowledge that actually helped me when I started Nothando Tembe Communications. I’d like to share 7 things you really need to consider when starting your business. These have helped me from going crazy and also helped with the success of my business.

Start Small

Entrepreneurs are people who are full of ideas, but it’s important to know that when you start your business, start small and not by launching all your ideas at once.

I have quite a list of services I want to add to my brand eventually, but I had to make sure I build a reputable brand first, see that it’s working and than I will start adding to it.

Start with what you think is important, something you can handle and something you know will be successful from the get go.

Have A Direct Market

Think I’ve mentioned defining your client in my previous posts quite a few times. You need to know who you are selling to and not just sell to anyone and everyone.

By knowing your client you know who they are, what they want and how to please them. You will be able to define their needs and give them a solution through your business. Should you just sell to everyone your business will get lost in the crowd and your will not see what you are trying to achieve.

Things Will Never Be Perfect

As much as we would like to have perfect brands, this is not really possible. It might look perfect from the outside but that’s never the case.

Running a business comes with its challenges and when you are starting out you need to know this. So when things don’t go as planned, you must know that you should not give up but continue on. The challenges should encourage you to find solutions and keep it moving.

This also means never wait to launch something till it’s perfect, start but talking about your new business, show people something so they look forward to what is coming. This way you get people excited and grab the attention of possible clients.

Your Online Presence Is Important

We live in the digital age and people are taking advantage of all the online features presented to entrepreneurs. This also means there is a huge audience that could be your clientele online.

Although not all businesses will end up on Social Media, but everyone business needs to have some sort of online presence, through a website or a profile on google business. This means when someone is searching for a business that offers a service, you increase your chances of getting clients.

Should you believe your brand can benefit to be on Social Media, choose the right platforms and make sure you make use of them the right way.

Be Professional

No matter how small or new your business is, always be professional. If you run your business with professionally and show your clients you are professional they will take you serious and will never see how small or new your brand is.

This is achieved by your image and the systems you put in place to help run your business. So make sure you figure all of this before even launching, so from day 1 you treat your business as a business anyone will want to work with.

Learn To Outsource

As much as we love to do things ourselves sometimes it’s not beneficial. You need to be able to know your limits and ask for help where necessary. So try and get other professionals to do what they do best and use their services.

This way you get something of high quality and also doesn’t look unappealing.

Customer Service Is Important

The number one thing even it comes to running a business is to treat your customers in the right manner so they are satisfied. So many great businesses fail because of a lack of good customer service. Without your customers your business is bound to fail.

Unsatisfied clients bring about bad attention to your brand, especially now that they tend to talk about it on social media. Try avoiding such because it can badly tarnish your brand.


Are there any other tips you know that helped you when starting out? I’d love to hear about them below 


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    Thank you for sharing these empowering as well as insightful articles. You are making an impact in my career.

    February 2, 2018

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