As a creative agency, we are in the unique position to provide our clients with great attention to detail, as well as a highly customized experience.


Nothando Tembe - About

Our agency exists to bridge the gap between businesses and consumers using specifically tailored social media strategies and carefully customized creative solutions. We believe that the development, management, curation and delivery of creative content is not only the most effective way to support your brand but also that building a successful brand and online presence can deliver real-world profitability and return on investment.

It’s our goal to make you look as professional online as you do in person. When your brand clearly communicates who you are at your best, you’re going to discover a whole new level of confidence in your business – online and offline.

Together, we are a complete team. You with your experience and understanding of your clients, and us with our blend of design, development and social media expertise. We are the professional team you need to bring your small business to life online.

Through our structured and systematic process, we are able to keep costs low while allowing creative flexibility to each individual client; providing you with a completely customized and personal design experience. We aim to meet your business where you are today while preparing you for where you’ll take your business in the future.

Meet Nothando


Nothando Tembe

I’m Nothando — creative, strategist, designer, educator, encourager, and founder of Nothando Tembe Communications, a Durban – based creative lifestyle agency dedicated to building successful brands online.

Everything began soon as I discovered my love for the computer and the internet, encouraged by my Public Relations Qualification and the obsession with everything digital!

With faith & a good creative team at the core of what I do, I am honored to be serving fellow entrepreneurs & creatives wholeheartedly, creating a lasting legacy of service to our clients and to my community. 

I spend a lot of time creating educational content for the blog and social media platforms as a way to educate and increase knowledge to anyone who comes across it. My passion for serving and encouraging small business owners is what drives what I do every day.

With my PR, brand building & entrepreneurial & design experience, my goal is to provide beautiful, meaningful, and profitable brands through my agency