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Design isn’t just about making something that looks good, but bringing clarity to your “why”, the reason you do what you do. Your visuals are there to help you clearly communicate who you are, what you do, and why, so that it is clear to your ideal clients that you are the right one for them. The right teacher, the right coach, the right product, or service…


We offer branding and logo design packages to provide you with the perfect collection for your design needs. Each package is designed to meet you where you are today while preparing you for where you want to take your brand tomorrow.


Full Brand Design Package

Our full branding and Logo Design package is an exciting personal brand development process that explores all the crucial elements that make you unique and then artistically defines them into the custom visual designs of your brand’s identity.

Ideal for established small businesses looking to expand their branding beyond just their logo and business cards, or brands who need more than just one logo design for all their print branding needs. With 4 variations and 3 brand collateral pieces, you receive a full collection of brand assets to elevate and expand your brand’s recognition, both online and offline.

Mini Brand Design Package

Perfect for the start up entrepreneur or small business owner looking to build brand consistency from day one but isn’t quite ready for the complete brand design overhaul.

If you are looking for a less expensive way to delegate your design services, this is the perfect package for you. More than just a logo, but not as overwhelming as a full brand design package. Providing you with the most important basics to get your brand moving and off on a solid start.

In addition to our set packages we offer a variation of design solutions, from single logo designs, to stationary and social media graphics. We can also take care of your next event poster design!


With brand development at the core of our business, we act as more than just your designer but brand consultant and soundboard for any ideas or questions you might have about your brand’s design or development.