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Building A Credible Website

Essential Items To Build A Credible Website

I truly believe one of the many reasons I’ve seen success with my business although it’s only been a year, is because of how I’ve positioned myself in the digital space, which has helped my brand look credible. I’m a big advocate when it comes to the digital space, because I understand the power it has and I know how it can help a brand, especially small businesses.

Building A Credible Website

A credible website is one of the biggest essentials you need for a new website and I want to share with you how you can also build a website that will help new clients not only trust you, but want to work with you.

Your Brand Identity

I’m going to start sounding like a broken record because of how I keep mentioning your brand identity as an essential for everything, but in all honesty that’s where your brand starts. Without a solid brand identity you have no brand story or brand direction. Your brand identity sets a tone for everything else that you get for your brand and allows you to be cohesive. Without good branding this will mean your website will have no logo and you won’t use the right colours that should be associated with your business.

Should you work with a professional designer for your brand identity they will provide you with a brand guideline that will give you the right colour codes, fonts you should use and the right social media buttons. This is where those come in, so you make sure your branding online is the same and cohesive. The moment people come across your brand online they will immediately remember it and also see how professional you are.

A Good Web Design

When you are starting out as a small business, we usually don’t have capital to pay for quite a lot of things, but I will always suggest getting your business website professionally done. Working with a designer is so helpful, because they have experience when it comes to putting together a credible business website and can also help with SEO which is needed for a small business.

How your website is designed pays a major key in how credible your website it and also how user friendly is it for anyone who lands on it. A good website will have everything where it should be, be responsive and have a design suitable for your brand only. So it’s usually best to get a professional designer so you avoid unnecessary mistakes, besides a website is a really good investment that can last you for years.

Professional Copy

When ever I on board a client for a new website design, the first thing I ask them to do before I start is that they work on their website content. This is a crucial element, you website can look amazing but if it does not have good content that will share your message the right way, it will not serve it’s purpose as it should be doing.

Depending on your business, sometimes it’s easy to put together your own copy, if not you can always hire a copywriter to assist. They will be able to assist with creating professional sounding copy that will help clients know about your brand and how you can help them.

Professional Images

The next thing to consider for your website is your images. Professional images will always set the right tone for your business and if you are selling a product or services that need to be showcased, you need professional images. Sometimes as small businesses we ignore this part and forget how crucial it is and how it can motivate people to want to work with you.

So invest in a professional photographer, if not you can try and source stock images if your brand allows that. Your next option could always be taking your own images if you have a good phone or camera.

Supply Informational Content

The reason why I blog on my website is because it serves a good way to drive traffic, but besides that it helps prove to my clients that I know what I’m talking about and that I’m a professional in my field. If your brand allows you to share content through a blog, make sure it’s part of your website. You will always get new people landing on your website and they won’t always just stop on your blog but will read on to find out about your business and possibly want to work with you.


Be sure to contact me for any of your branding and website needs and lets create a credible brand for you!

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