Creating Influential Content for your Social Media 

The amount of Instagram profiles one comes across with content aimed at grabbing attention of brands and hopefully one day work on cool campaigns is rising. It’s also unfortunate to say that majority of these accounts all look the same! Same images, same creative direction, same editing skills.

One thing that helps individuals rise to the top in this industry is uniqueness and thought-out content. Brands are not looking for the best flat lays, space shots and palm trees, in order to work with you. They looking at if you are creating content that engages, different from the next profile and how they can fit their brand story in yours.

This post is to basically to highlight 3 of the major things you can do to make sure you are successful in creating content that engages with your audience on social media. This goes for anyone who’s has a huge following already, but now using their platforms to attract brands and for anyone who is new on social media for the same reason.

Decide on your niche and stick to it! 

A lot of times people fail at being influential or landing jobs, because their content is everywhere and people don’t really know what are they are about.

So you need to decided what is it that you want to talk about. This can be anything from fashion, to food or technology, etc. Sticking to a niche will help your audience understand what to expect from you and your content and won’t confuse them. Also fashion or beauty brands are not the only brands out there, we need to see more individuals venturing into other industries that we can relate to beyond fashion and beauty.

Sticking to a niche helps you understand your brand & what type of content should you spend time creating and posting. So make sure you establish yourself in the right industry by making it clear what is it that you post about, create valuable content and the right audience will learn from you, leading to brands noticing and seeing the influence that you have.

Tell a story and don’t push for sales 

This is one thing a lot of people tend to confuse about the content they post and what their readers want.

I always say that never great content to make a sale, but sell a lifestyle. If you are creating content to share your experience or tell your story, your content will be much more influencial.

Your audience is not online to be bombarded by ads and sponsored post or discount codes all the time. They want to know your thoughts, they want to know your experience and they want to be invited into your life.

When you create content with this in mind you will have an audience that trusts your opinion, an audience that learns from you and an audience that will always remember you first.

They might not ever buy anything you mention but they will always remember anything you share on your profile.

Brands will see this and start working with you to tell their brand stories and raise awareness about their brands, because you are already telling your story in a way that relates to theirs.

Interact with your audience. 

Nothing is as annoying as someone you follow, like and comment on their picture but never acknowledges your comments. As much as some people have a huge following and sometimes can never get to all your comments, you need to try your best to read them and reply to the most important ones, especially questions/feedback based on your posts.

Your audience needs to be able to relate to you and see you as reachable in order for you to be able to influence anything you post. So when people ask you where did you get a something you posted, because you didn’t tag the brand on your picture, don’t be stingy about that information. That alone is you influencing interest in something you shared, brands will see that and know you have some buying power.

Lastly pose questions on your captions to start discussions. Depending on your niche, this will mean you have influence on trending topics and people value your opinion.


With everyone doing the same thing and same content it has become so irritating to follow these accounts. Even if you are investing in good images and going out your way to do plan shoots, your content will not be engaging if it’s not unique to you and not copied from the next person. Listen to what your audience likes and engages with the most when you post and always tell a story people want to hear.

Let me know in the comments below how are you relating to content creators on social media and as their audience what type of feedback would you have for them?

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  • Thank you Nothando this was very helpful. Your posts are so insightful especially for people like me who are clueless but very interested in this industry.

  • This was very helpful,especially because I landed my first job on Instagram and I am trying to learn as much as I can. Your website as whole is well put together, easy to navigate and reading is such a great pleasure

    • Thank you so much for the compliment. I’m glad you found the post helpful and hopefully you land more of those IG jobs 🤗