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Discover your Brand Identity

There’s nothing like having an exciting idea in your head. The high you get off it when trying to figure it out, understanding it and looking forward to it unfolding into a successful business, is so exciting that we forget to ask ourselves the right questions, questions that will make or break this amazing idea.


Nothando Tembe - Discover Your Brand Identity


Not so long ago I was out at our local shopping mall in our neighbourhood. I was with my mum and sister and we past this vacant shop. I then mentioned excitedly to my sister and that we need to get that place and open a cake shop. We both good bakers (well I am) but she’s good with bread as well. There’s no bakery around here and I’m sure people would flock to us for all types of cakes and pastries. My mum looked at me all crazy and started asking all these questions.

  • You want to open a bakery when I’ve never seen you make one novelty cake?
  • How are you going to open a bakery when you don’t have any loyal clients who already know & love your work?
  • And where the hell are you going to get the capital to even start this bakery?!

I was brought back to planet earth so fast I couldn’t believe it. For some odd reason I just thought my mum was just being a typical parent who doesn’t want to listen to stupid business ideas, but she’s a business studies teacher and she probably knows more than I do and she was asking all the right question I didn’t have answers to.

Although the above example is not quite about brand identity, it’s showed me that there’s more to just waking up and starting a business. It takes a lot of passion and understanding its purpose and vision. As much as I enjoy baking, can I really do it full time, what would be my long term vision for this bakery and did I have the full understanding of my market in order for me to get loyal clients?

When I started working on my brand, I thought I just needed to start with the branding. I was so excited to just see my logo and my whole brand identity that I didn’t even know what I wanted it to look like. I started reading up on how I should go about it and almost every article I came across was asking me if I fully understand my brand. Do I know what it is, who is it targeted to, its core values? That’s when I figured out that I don’t. I just have all these ideas and couldn’t wait to get it out there and let the know world know about it.

Your logo is an elemant of your branding, just an element!

Your holistic brand identity influences how people feel about your company, what your values are and who’s your ideal customer. This is why it’s so important for you to build a strong foundation of your brand. Your story, your brand mission and its core values is the driving force of what you do next.

We all want to jump into deciding logo designs & color palettes without understanding our brand purpose, what we want to accomplish with our business and who are we serving and why.

So I would like to challenge you. If you have a business idea or concept and you not sure where to even start, spend time answering the following questions:

About You:

Most of the times we think of our business as a separate entity from who we are, which is not good. Our business and brands reflect our personalities so much, which is why it’s important to ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Who are you?
  2. How do you represent yourself?
  3. How do you come across to other people?
  4. What is your purpose in life?

About Your Business:

Now that you have established your identity, its time to use that to understand your business idea, find it’s purpose and core values. Remember to keep in mind what you personally believe in to establish this, because you do not want a business that is not in line with your values and doesn’t represent your personality.

  1. What is the purpose of your brand?
  2. What are your brands core values?
  3. What makes your business unique?
  4. What type of audience will be attracted to your brand?
  5. Who are your dream clients?

Once you have answered these questions, go through them and reflect on them. Make sure you find the common thread between who you are and the personality of your brand. The common key words will be what your use to craft your brand identity. With this step done, it will then give you a better guideline on designing your logo and corporate stationary. I will have a second part to this post to help with with what goes into a good Logo design, which you can read here.



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