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nothando tembe - do you need business consultations?

Do You Need Business Consultations?

When I started my business, my business consultations were very popular with people and I enjoy them so much. Not only do I get to meet someone new every time, but I just love talking business and strategy on positioning your start up or your already existing business the right way.

Nothando Tembe - Do you need business consulations

I’ve always thought people know off the bat that they in need of assistance and the push in the right direction. But in actual fact there are still a few people who will always want to find out more about my consultations but never commit to meeting with me. This is quite understandable. There is lot of fear and self doubt when it comes to business, especially for new business owners or even people with business ideas who have not started. It’s completely normal to not know which step to take and how, even with seeking business advice.

I saw the need for business consultations when I realized how much I struggled over the years to figure out a lot of things. I knew that I wanted to run my own business, but for the longest time struggled to package & position myself for success. So that led to a few mistakes and two failed attempts over the years. A lot of reading, research and chatting to other people who have been entrepreneurs for a while, finally led me to the right direction.

So when I started out it was natural for me to offer consultations, available to anyone who needs business direction and to develop their skills and strategies they need, in order to begin seeing real growth in their business and to reach their desired level of success.

There are a few things you can consider before booking a consultation to figure out if it’s really something you need

Your way over your head

It’s very normal to be overwhelmed when running a business, it comes with it. So should you feel you need another person to assit with all the ideas in your head and to just make sense of what should be happening and how, speaking to someone will be so beneficial. I always notice how people I meet sometimes say they are about to give up because it’s just too much, only until I tell them that they are just doing too much, too fast. Consultations assist you to pin point the right moves and move forward with those the right way.

Your frustrated by all your failed attempts

When everything you seem to be doing is not yielding any positive outcomes can be so demotivating, especially if you have been running your business for a while and you seeking your big break. Business success takes time, but it also takes you implementing the right strategies, one that fit your brand and will connect with your audience & clients. Sometimes we tend to look at other brands and copy what they might be doing only to forget that we need to understand our brand and communicate its brand message to be able to see the right results.

You desire growth

You could be in business for some time and you now seeking growth and change. A few times I have met with clients that have been in business for years but now want to make use of the digital space to connect with their current clients and to win over new clients. Consultations are great because you will leave in full understanding on how to use Social Media for your brand and follow up consultations can assist in the whole process. One of my favourite consultations, was when I met with a client who just needed to know how to take her current accounts to the next step, as it has not seen much growth. We ended up chatting for so long she realized she needed a whole rebranding as she was not connected to her brand at all, even to the point where we brainstormed new brand names right there and there. After the process of designing a new brand identity for her, she was finally happy with her business, after years of running it.

Lack clarity

Once off sessions are usually great when it comes to people who just want a bit of clarity of a few things. These people usually don’t see much issues in their business they are seeing the results they would like to see. Most of the time clients would like clarification on social media, if they should be on there or its unnecessary other times its about a bit decision they might be needing to take. Whatever the case, talking to someone can be beneficial.

You in need of the right push

Being your own boss can be very relaxing sometimes. You don’t have anyone to report to so you tend to do things your way and own pace. Sometimes this can really slow down your business progress. Your business might have so much potential to be successful beyond it’s current state but because you have no accountability you missing those opportunities. Consultations are there to help you tick off all your goals and to – do list as there are follow up emails, deadlines that are in place in order to get to your desired results

Consultations also have a few benefits:

  • Actionable advice that is tailored to your businesses specific needs
  • Clarity and peace of mind
  • Saves you time and money


Have you ever made use of business consultations before, how have they helped you and your business?

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