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Email Marketing

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

As a Small Business owner, my marketing budget is ZERO. So I try my best to use great marketing techniques that are available to me for free. Email Marketing when done right will help you connect with your clients, connect you with potential clients and also grow your brand.

Although this is scary territory for some people, I’m here to share some a few good reasons to start growing your data base and try send a few newsletters.

  • Free Marketing: Sending out weekly newsletters will not cost you a cent! I currently us Mailchimp which allows Small Businesses to create professional newsletters and you don’t even have to have any design skills. And its FREE!
  • Helps you build a relationship with your audience: When you check in on your readers in their mailbox by sharing your thoughts beyond your blog, it helps you bond and grow a relationship with them. Giving exclusive content and resources also makes people feel special for signing up.
  • Helps build a loyal audience: When you share news and great deals as you have them, your subscribers will take notice and although they might not make use of your services everytime, they will make you your first chose when they ready to.
  • More succcessful than Social Media: Your email content is more likey to be seen than a social media post competing with 1000 more content on these platforms.
  • You establishing yourself as an professional and expert in your industry 

Email Marketing content all depends on the type of business you run. If you are selling a product, then your content will be geared towards driving sales for your product. So you will share the benefits of your product, testimonials or a launch of a new product. If your business is more services based then you will need to connect with your audience on a more personal level, by sharing content that drives trust in you as an expert in the industry you are in.

  • Share new blog posts: Sharing new blog posts, immediately after publishing, allows people who have signed up to not miss out on any updates. Doing these type of emails will also help you get started and used to creating emailers
  • Weekly or monthly updates: Sharing your business news weekly or monthly makes sure your readers are up to date with your brand. You can do a round up of all your blog posts, share news updates in your industry or your business accomplishment for that month.
  • Inspirational Updates: Opening up on your business challenges, lessons learnt or writing inspirational material is great to connect you with your subscribers on a more personal level. It will also make it easier for them to be able to approach you and finally make use of your services because you are now relatable.
  • Promotional Updates: Share any specials/promotions you have on your services. This is exclusive content that is only availble to your subscribers and great for people selling products.

There are a few things to consider if you are just starting out with Email Marketing:

  • Sit down and do a schedule for your emailers. Create a plan with the specific type of content you want to send out. Then decide on which content will be sent out and when. Having a plan means you will work on schedule and your subscribers will know when to expect your email. This will also help with your consistancy
  • The best way to collect emails is via a sign up form. Create a sign up form on your website that will encourage anyone who visits to subscribe. This is the easist way to grow your database and grow it with the right audience interested in your content.
  • Branding is also important for your emails. Mailchimp allows you to design great emailers easily. Which means you can create fun and attractive emails. Plus never forget your branding which should be consistant with your website and social media.

Make sure your email content inspires, connects, educates or entertains your subscribers!

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