Beginners Guide To Facebook Pages

With all these other Social Media platforms coming into the scene, people are convinced Facebook is fizzling out. But I’m here to tell you that is wrong!! Huge businesses are still making use of the platform and Facebook is very important for someone running a small business. A Facebook page is there to serve quite a few purposes and it’s important for one to understand the platform so they know how to make use of all the cool stuff it has to offer. This blog post will serve as a guide to understand and motive you to finally setup your Facebook page for your business or brand.

Facebook has to be the number one platform for marketing your brand and business. It has one of the largest users and they have so many great features that make getting your business out there so much easier and it’s cheaper! I’m here to tell you that if you are not using Facebook to gain more brand recognition and clients, you are really missing out on so much. The following features will outline some of my favorite and important features available on Facebook.

Action Button

The action button has different call to action options. This allows you to drive important leads for your business. This could be contacting you, visiting your website or even signing up to your newsletter. The call to action button is available right on top of your page so it’s the first thing people see when they land on it, plus it’s easy access more especially if you use the contact or website option.


Facebook Apps

Facebook allows you to enhance your Facebook by allowing you to use really cool apps which can be customized to any type of business. So for example if you are a hotel or restaurant, you can use apps to allow people to make direct bookings without having to call, email or visit your website. Cool right? There are quite a few apps that you can use so look them up and see which one fits your business and that will make your Facebook easier to use for your audience.


Facebook ads is my favorite and the best part about the Facebook page. Facebook ads are very reasonable, they allow you to stay in budget and target the right audience. This means you reach a much wider audience that you don’t currently have and also drive the right interest to your page. When you are starting out, you do not have the option to use expensive marketing options, but Facebook is a must even if its you promoting your page.



Another great thing about Facebook is how they show you how your page is doing. They show you how many people you have reached, number of clicks to any links and number of shares. This shows you what people are interested in so you curate your content to their interest and also allows you to see how successful an ad campaign did.



I hope this guide has been helpful and insightful to make you want to finally have your business on Facebook. There are so many other ways you can discover to make more use of Facebook, but these are the simply ones and most useful. A Facebook page is not only for business but for personal brands, be it a celebrity or blogger. Make use of it as an extension to your other platforms.

Also if you are on Facebook already, you are allowed to convert your profile into a page, so you import your friends into page likes, so you don’t have to start from scratch building your audience, that option is available HERE.

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“How beneficial has being present on Facebook helped your business?”

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