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Influencer Casting Agency

On the 8th of September, I hosted a luncheon with a few of my favorite Durban Creatives, which included Photographers, Influencers & Bloggers. I was finally ready to introduce my Influencer Casting Agency, a concept that I have been working on for the past two years, with the hope bring about an amazing change in the digital space for creatives in Durban.

Durban Creatives

Being someone who has been active in the digital space since high school, started a fashion blog 2011 and still continue to blog, I have always wanted to use my experience, my love for Digital Marketing and my PR qualification, to educate and be some type of influence to people who want to be in the Digital space professionally. I’m so happy that I can finally do so by starting my own Influencer Casting Agency.

If you live in Durban or are familiar with how the city is perceived when it comes to opportunities in a lot of industries, you will understand the struggle some of us face, more especially bloggers. So I wanted to get everyone together, people who have a high following and already creating content, but are still struggling to make a mark in the industry.

We had a great session where we got to address the issues everyone is facing, got to know one another and also discuss ways of coming together to create amazing content together. I presented to them a solution of providing creatives sessions, where we would work on building their personal brands and the right way to present themselves to brands for opportunities. I’m here to help them understand the industry and for brands to notice and drive opportunities to them.

We have this issue where brands drive opportunities in Cape Town and Johannesburg and while I’m not against any of those people and what they are doing, I do think everyone should get opportunities, more especially when they are putting in the work and are capable of producing results brands are seeking. With that said, I also know that it’s hard for brands to identify Durban influencers and bloggers because of how they are presenting themselves, which is why that was the first thing we discussed at our first creative session this past Friday.


We have so much talent in Durban and so many people pursuing careers in blogging and the digital space. I hope to not only work with these group of creatives I have started with, but I look to grow the group bigger and hopefully get to host some type Blogger workshop in the future, for anyone who wants to understand how the industry works and for people who have already started, to know how they can grow their audience and platforms.

I’m really glad that a few stakeholders that I have had the opportunity of presenting the concept to and introduced them to how they can work with digital creatives have warmed up to the idea. I have quite a few amazing projects to look forward to and more amazing things for everyone.

durban creatives

I would like to take the opportunity to also once again thank everyone who was involved in helping me out putting together the luncheon. To everyone who took the time to come out and engage in conversation with everyone. I’m so happy everyone was just excited about everything as I was.

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Images by: King Zimela


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    You are amazing! I looooveee your blog.

    December 21, 2017

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