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Influencer Marketing for Small Brands

A Guide To Working With Bloggers & Influencers As A Small Brand

Influencer Marketing is a concept that is fast growing in all industries. We have seen the rise of a lot of content creators and more brand campaigns involving these creatives. Although this is a concept we see amongst big brands that have huge teams behind their campaign and huge budgets, this is a concept that can be used by any type of business.

Influencer Marketing for Small Brands

Influencer Marketing Explained

Influencer marketing is a marketing concept that sees creative individuals who create content around a certain niche. Through their content creation, they accumulate influence over a particular audience, driving brands to want to use their voice and power in the market to share their brand messages. Bloggers & Influencers can be anyone who has a blogging platform, an Instagrammer, good Social Media following or a Youtuber.

The right approach

There are two ways you can work with these type of creatives, so you as a small brand benefit and also see the desired results:

– Through collaboration

Collaboration is a great way to build awareness around your brand with little or no budget, in the process building a good relationship with different bloggers/influencers.

This process is easily achieved by approaching the creatives you have identified to fit your brand and will be able to create the desired content around your services or products. This process is usually done without any payment but through a mutual agreement that will benefit both parties.

Although this process is not desired by certain creatives, it’s a great partnership amongst new bloggers/influencers who are looking to build their brand and experience.

– Running a paid campaign

Should you have a good budget in place you can use this approach. Here is when you have a campaign idea in place, identify the right blogger/influencers and go full on with your campaign idea.

Paid campaigns allow you to have a bit more say, request any type of content to be created and also gives you the opportunity to work with some of the best people in the industry.

Put together a campaign brief

The next step and the most crucial is putting together a campaign brief for your campaign. It’s easy to know what you might like to happen and coming up with an idea. But your campaign brief is what drives the campaign.

Your campaign brief is what will be sent to the creatives to give them complete information on what the campaign is about and how everything should be executed.

Some of the things that need to be included in a campaign brief, what the campaign is about, campaign key message, campaign goals, deliverables, theme/style, do’s & don’ts and terms & conditions.


The first thing you need to think about is how will you be paying your Bloggers/influencers. Should you have no budget to pay in cash, you must expect to have a few people turn down the offer to work with you.

– You can offer free product or discount vouchers

– You can create a discount code that they can give to their readers & followers and they can get a certain percentage from all the sales made through their code (perfect if you have an online store)

– Pay in cash by offering an amount that is within your budget otherwise, they can give you their rates and negotiate from there

Request a report

In your brief, you need to mention that you would like a final report at the end of the campaign. This is very important so you are able to measure how successful the campaign was and to see if all your efforts were worth it.

Here is when they will show you how each post has done, by showing you all the stats. Luckily all platforms offer stats so measuring performance is very easy.

Expect things to not go as planned

It’s easy to expect great results, increase in sales or huge following on Social Media when working with someone who has a great readership and huge following. But sometimes things don’t usually go as planned or as expected, so my advice is to give it a go for the first time and see how things work out and if it’s worth it, you can revisit the process with a much bigger budget.


Should you not be ready to take steps in running a campaign, another great way to get exposure and awareness around your brand is sending cool packages of your products to the bloggers you would like to one day work with. Although this does not guarantee use or sharing on their platforms, they usually appreciate brands thinking of them.

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