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Is Entrepreneurship For You

Is Entrepreneurship For You

The idea of running your own business and being your own boss can seem so exciting but being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. It takes knowing yourself and also assessing a few things, to find out if running your own business will be something you can handle and if you can make it work.

“Every Accomplishment Starts With The Decision To Try”

So if you are someone who is in the process of starting your business, especially full time, you need to consider the following:

  1. Your ‘Why’ In Starting A Business?

    Venturing into starting a business for all the wrong reasons can be your number one problem. Your reason to start your own business should be to follow your passion and make a difference in your industry. It’s also important to not venture into a business for just the money, because as a new business owner making a great salary will come after a few years and not immediately. Running a business means it will be all you think about and all you focus on so make sure you putting all your effort into something worthawhile for you and your future

  2. Part Time or Full Time?

    The decision to venture into running a business and if you should be part time or full time business owner is so crucial. A lot of first time business owners start off by first having a full time job as a way to be secure and make sure their bills are paid. Also running a business if you have no savings or financing will mean you will have to pay for everything that needs to be paid for. Which means your profits will pay for your personal bills and your business bills, so you need to think about that when starting out. Running your business while working is possible just as long as you will be able to jungle everything and one doesn’t affect the other

  3. Are You Confident

    Confidence is the number one trait for an entrepreneur. You need to be confident in yourself and your business. You will have to start selling yourself to potential clients and convincing people about your services. Confidence also means you will be able to stand for all the decisions you make for your business, good or bad. Sometimes we find ourselves regretting decisions we make but we shouldn’t lose focus and give up.

  4. You Need Good Management Skills

    When you start out in business you are your own boss, but you also need to do everything else that comes with making sure your business is a success. Playing multiple roles will mean you will need to know how to manage yourself and be strict with time and make sure you are productive. You cannot afford to drop the ball as everything is at stake and everything is your responsibilty.

Take time to access your situation and make sure you are prepared and ready to run a business and be successful while doing it. Don’t rush into it as a business is a huge step and if you like me, you wouldn’t want to fail at it. I offer development sessions should you ever need to talk to someone who will help you gain clarification and moving forward

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