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Landing Pages

Landing Pages: How They Can Benefit Small Businesses

A website can be a very good investment for any type of business, especially a fairly new brand. A website doesn’t only give information to anyone who visits it but can be a very big motivating factor on how your business is perceived. Although having a website is so crucial its also important to note that not everyone can get one professionally done, due to the cost of a good design. This is where landing pages come in.

Landing Pages

A landing page is simply termed as a website page that is designed temporarily to basically help you convert. By converting this means you as a brand/business you are encouraging people to maybe leave an email address, give brief information about your website together with contact details to possible clients or simply have a countdown for your website site launch.

Landing pages are a great way to build up excitement for your new website or business, kick-start your email list or even give brief information about your product leading to sales.

The Landing Page

There are different types of landing pages, but they all serve one purpose when designed.

Show off your product or work with a hero image

Landing Pages

Make your Instagram content the hero to encourage followers 

Landing Pages

The Coming Soon Page

Coming soon pages are pretty straightforward. Some pages are designed with more than one purpose. They could have a countdown for when your website launches. They could have brief information about your business. They could also have an email sign up form. Coming soon pages have a bit more options to work with.

A Simple Countdown Page

Landing Pages

Countdown Page with email sign up

Landing Pages

Countdown with brief information 

Landing Pages

Because your landing page won’t have some of the features your website will have, it’s crucial that you have a bit of information about your business. Make sure you have your contact details and your social media links. This way you drive people a step forward to connect with you further should they want to.

I always encourage my clients to create a professional domain from the get-go when they start their brands. But also what people tend to do is they will have their website addresses on their social media profiles, only for people to click and arrive at nothing. I cringe every time I see this because it’s low key irritating honestly. Rather not have the website link there because it’s deceiving that I might find something.

Now I encourage the design of a landing page, which is appealing and serves a bit more purpose for you until you are ready to have a website. And anyone who clicks on your link will find something there which is really positive for your brand.

No matter which design you might go for, you need to make sure that your landing page serves one of these purposes:

  • announce your websites launch date
  • offer an explanation of the site’s purpose
  • try and persuade visitors to return or be a customer

To encourage the use of landing pages and to help build your brands credibility I am running a cool special for this month. Drop me an email and let’s create an amazing landing page for your brand

landing page

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