A Simple Launch Strategy

I meet a lot of people who have amazing business ideas, are ready to introduce it to the world, but never have the direction or knowledge on the best way to introduce their new product or service. Having a Launch Strategy in place, not only keeps you sane, but allows you to have a successful brand launch that will gain you clients on the go!

Before you can think of launching, its very important to build your brand first. Know and understand it, have all the right branding put in place as well, so its visually appealing to your audience. I have once outlined all of this in a few previous blog posts HERE & HERE.

So many people go into business, they start offering their product and services without actually doing some sort of launch to announce themselves. Launching yourself to your family and friends is a good start, but you need to launch and appeal to a wider audience, your target market. If you are not ready to actually do a huge launch event, because you are just starting out, doing an online launch is just as great, maybe with more impact as well.

Decide on your Launch Date

The first thing you need to decide is set a launch date. Setting a date gives you a timeline and an idea on how long you have to work on your launch. This will also mean you announce the launch date so your audience looks forward to it and are fully aware something exciting is coming. You need to consider all the work you still need to do before you launch. If you are launching a product, make sure you have enough products available. Give your self enough time to set things in motion so come launch day you are not overwhelmed, so don’t be pressurized to set a date that is around the corner, even if you give yourself a month, its not a problem.

Decide on your Launch Platforms 

The next step is deciding on where will you be announcing yourself, which platforms. This can include a website, some social media platforms, emailer, do you want to send out press releases, etc. When I launched, I decided that I was only going to use digital platforms, due to the type of business I was launching, plus my goal was to make my blog known in the process.

  • Social Media Platforms: Each platform available to us is very different and very important for you to understand each one and if it will be suitable for your business. Don’t be pressurized to join each and every platform. The best way to choose is to consider the platform you already have an audience on and maximize on that.
  • Website: A website is something you also need to highly think of and decide on. Because a website can cost you, you need to have a budget in place for one, unless you can create something simple yourself then go ahead. Another option that you can consider is securing your domain and creating a landing page. Use the landing page to collect email addresses and start building your database.
  • Email Marketing: When you are new in business, you obviously don’t have a database that people have directly signed up to. So when I started out, I created one with email addresses that consisted of family, friends, ex colleagues and anyone I had in my personal email address that I wanted to know about my business. Sending a email is the fastest way to spread news about you business and let the people close to you know about it.

Create your Launch Content

This is one of the things I enjoyed doing leading up to my launch. Deciding on the type of content you want to put out leading up to the launch and when you launch. Creating graphics and content for your platforms that will be teasers for what people can expect. This can including artwork for a countdown, snippets of your product, inspirational quotes, behind the scenes moments. Anything that is in relation of your product and relevant with your brand, that will get people excited. And if you have a website you can do blog posts that will be available soon as you launch. An emailer on the day of the launch is also a great idea and if you had created a landing page and collected a few email addresses from people interested in receiving exclusive content, you can send them information a day before the actual launch.

Your Launch Day Plan

On the day of your launch you need to have a proper run down of how you will launch. Are you launching everything on your website? So how will you announce that the website is live, create a fun and catchy graphic for your platforms. Send out an emailer so people get the information directly in their mailbox. Another great way to do a great launch is asking your family and friends to post about your launch. Send out a graphic they can use, with captions, links and hashtags to use. If you have enough people with good following doing this you, you can even find yourself trending.

As you can see with the information I’ve given, that having a plan allows you to be prepared and launch your brand in a exciting way and process. You get to implement steps that guarantee people are left talking about you and your new business and gain you some clients in the process. These steps are also great for someone who is re-branding their already existing business. You just need to take my process and apply it to what you are doing.

Here’s to more successful brand launches!

Are you launching something soon? What strategies are you implementing in your launch?
I wanna hear about it! I’m always excited to hear what everyone is getting up to!

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