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Life Lessons In Business

My Top 2 Lessons Learned In 2 Years Of Entrepreneurship

Nothando Tembe Communications is turning 2 years today! I actually cannot believe I’ve been self-employed for 2 years and can happily say I’m running a successful business thus far. The first year in business was all about figuring out what this should be and how it should get there, now I’m driving a moving car, safely on its journey. If you missed my first year in business post you can read it here. I share my business journey and other few things. This year I thought it would be good to share 2 of my top 2 lessons I have learned over the past two years, which I believe will be quite insightful & helpful

  1. Define What Success Means To You & Build Your Brand Goals Around It 

I’m such a planner and I like having goals in place that will assist me in my life journey as a whole. I remember when I started my PR diploma I told myself that one day I will run my own business. No matter where life might take me over the few years, things must end with me running my own successful business. This is why I never hesitated when I saw an opportunity a year ago to start my own business, I just did it. This is the same thing with success, you need to know what it means to you and what it looks like early on.

We all see success differently, some people base success on how much money they have in their bank account and there’s nothing wrong with that, whatever success means to you, work towards that and reach it. For me, success is based on my community and the number of people I get to work with and change their lives. I strive to build a strong community of people online or as clients, that can be happy to say, I worked with Nothando and she changed my life/business.

My brand is centered around changing & educating people on different ways they can successfully build their brands. This is why I never promote my services that much online, or when I meet people at events or wherever, I just share my knowledge and try to change the way you see or do things in order to help and assist. My social media platforms are also about adding value more than anything else.

So know from early on what success means to you and make sure you are working towards that, this way you don’t run into any frustration with your results

2.  Invest Your Money Back Into Your Business

This year I’ve been very blessed to work on amazing projects that brought it the cheques and the first thing I was advised on what to SAVE, SAVE, SAVE! I’m very bad with saving and sometimes when you see money, all you can think of is buying all of the things you’ve always wanted. For the first time, I actually had to be hard on myself & my spending and be very disciplined with my business finances.

One thing I did was to tell myself it does not belong to me but to the business and I had to treat it that way. So I had to make sure I started paying myself & also saving. But the one thing I decided to do is investing in things that actually grow my business. When you put money back into the business it will improve the quality of work you do and also it will put your brand at another level in your industry, because it shows. Rather going broke because of that then spending money on unnecessary things, your business will always thank you for that, trust me.

To say thank you to my online community, I have a few prizes to giveaway

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