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My Productive Monthly Plan | Nothando Tembe

My Productive Monthly Plan

Seeing that its a new month I saw it fitting to finally share my monthly plan for my business & my blog, that helps me be productive and reach my goals effectively. Since I have a lot going on its very important to keep on top of things, more especially since I’m a one person team. So every new month and new week I sit down and jot down tasks that need to be done in my planner. I recently tried using Trello for this but I always find myself going the traditional route of using a planner.

The first thing I do, I use the monthly calender session in my planner to right what I’m doing for each day of the week. So for example, Monday & Friday I plan to publish a blog post (still working to be consisitant with this), Tuesday & Thursday are scheduled for my consultations and if I don’t have consultations I can take meetings. If I don’t do any of that then my whole day is used to work on client work. This is just to give you an idea on how important it is to know what you are working on for each day.

My Productive Monthly Plan | Nothando Tembe

Next I list what needs to be done in categories which I explain below:


With every new month that starts, I will first list clients I’m currently working with so it makes it easier to know the work I need to proritise. If there are clients I haven’t signed with I will list those as follow up clients and what still needs to be done.

For weekly tasks I will then make sure I know what I’m working on for each client, to stay on top of any pressing issues and deadlines. I also manage and do publicty for public figures, I will then make sure I know about any bookings for that week or press releases that need to be sent out or follow up on. Working this way helps me stay on track, meet deadlines timlously and also have enough time proritised for each client.

I also list potential clients that I will need to email to send proposals or introduce them to my brand and services.

Brand Admin

My admin work is anything to do with emails (sending & replying), drafting blog posts, creating social media content, sending emailers, etc. I also have days where I focus on doing just this as it’s just as important, because it’s what grows my business and makes sure I do relevant marketing and exposure.

Blogging & Social Media

As mentioned above, I have days for when I publish posts and send emailers, so each new month I will make a list of topics that I will be doing. This way I know early, on the type of content I will be working on and start drafting them when I have time to spare during the week or over the weekend. This eliminates the elemant of surprise and also allows me to work effeciently. Also blogging doesn’t just involve doing the blog post which is a lot of work on it own, but I need to do the blog graphics, find relevant stock images, etc. So if I know before hand about the topics I can create all of that in one go and have them ready to post on the day.

Thanks to most of the Social Media platforms allowing you to draft posts, it has made it so easy to plan ahead. So every weekend or on Sunday I plan all my Social Media posts, create any graphics & write the captions. Then all that’s left is for me to click publish. This makes sure even if I’m stuck at a meeting that day, my social media will not go quite.

“The key is not to proritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities”

I do try to stay on top of things most of the time but sometimes life just takes over and you find yourself derailing away from your plans. I’m really trying to blog on schedule from this week and also send out regular updates to my email list which has been slacking so much, so make sure you subscribe to that if you haven’t as yet.

Please also feel free to let me know what you would like to see on the blog in the comments section or drop me an email with any questions. I love hearing from you!

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