My Rebranding Process

I’m so excited to be back online and sharing content across my platfroms. I’ve had quite a great time off and it has helped me reconnect and helped with my creativity. If you haven’t noticed there are some few changes with my brand. New branding and of course a fresh new website. I wanted to start by sharing what I’ve been up to the past few months and how my journey through my rebranding process and why I decided on the new look altogether.

Nothando Tembe - My Rebranding Process

The Need To Rebrand

When I started my business, my main objective was to just start, so there wasn’t a lot of thought that went into my branding process. I did a little research in terms of what colors I liked and I settled on the blush pink (famously known as Rose Quartz), searched Pinterest on some cool logos and came up with my logo. After a year into my business, I’ve learnt a few things about myself and about my business and in order to get my brand to where I want it to be, rebranding was needed.

There was a part of me where I felt that my brand was very playful and not serious at all. That made me think that I might not be attracting the clients I want to be working with and that my brand was not representing what it stands for. A year into my business, I also realized that there are things that are working and things that are not, the shift was needed so there is substance with my business & purpose.

Main reason behind my branding was to finally build the brand I envisioned for myself and the brand that would stand out and be successful. It also needed to be unique, have a story and also noticeable from afar 

The biggest motivation behind the rebrand was based on the fact that I’m really considering moving my business to Johannesburg in 2018. Majority of my clients have been from Joburg so I felt it was only natural for me to be closer to the clients I seem to be attracting. Joburg is also a city full of opportunities that I feel I might be currently missing and I foresee great success with my business should I settle that side.

Rebranding would mean I place my business on the same level as my competition and also my new look should attract the clients that will only work with the best, regardless of the years in the business.

The Process

The first thing I had to do was look at my business and do a proper analysis of it. I needed to see if my business was really where I wanted it to be. Was it telling the story it should be telling and was it being successful in attracting the right clients.

What I came up with was that there was definitly a disconnect. I had the understanding of what my business was but I don’t think my audience really knew and understood that. So there was a lot of research that I had to do, with the type of look that I saw representing my brand. I didn’t want to lose my colors, I definetly still wanted that. They also represented my brand as the lifestyle agency that represents lifestyle brands. I had to get font that will be bold, serious and look corporate.

I was presented with 3 different design options and this is the one I ended up going with

Nothando Tembe - My Rebranding Process

I loved everything about this logo option. But I think the font was what made me settle with it. It was bold and sophisticated, but the blush pink gives it a soft and fun look. I loved it so much, I didn’t even have any changes to it.

When I started out I only had designed my logo & business cards. This time around I went full on with the stationary and also redesigned my brand profile to fit my new look.

Social Media

A new look meant my social media platforms also needed a new look and fresh content. I stopped posting as much while I was going through the process of rebranding. This was also based on the fact that my platforms weren’t really doing great. As much as I had content on a regular basis, my audience didn’t really connect with it. I took that into consideration becuase it meant I needed to eveluate my content and start creating content that will be engaging and also result in a few clients.

The first step was me doing new personal images of myself. First time I did pictures, I had a friend take them with my camera and they were good and served their purpose for my business profile and for my website. This time around I wanted to go all in and get them professionally done, have my make up done professionally and for the aesthetics I needed the righ space to take the images.

Nothando Tembe - My Rebranding Process

My cool blogger friend Prince was the guy behind the camera. I chose to work with him because of how amazing he takes his own pictures and pictures of his clients, but also I needed to be around someone I was comfortabtle with and be patient with my akward self.

We had a hard time thinking of the right spaces and venue that would give me the professional look but also a very lifestlyle and chilled look. After a few days thinking about it, I decided to try my luck and approach someone I know from Tsogo Sun to see if there is a possibility they would give us a room at one of their hotels. The stars were aligned for me that day and they said yes! We were given the opportunity to use the newly renovated Garden Court Marine Parade Hotel, where they gave us a room for the day and were allowed to roam around shooting around the hotel.

A new look meant new social media templates. I redesigned my blog, qoutes and all the other templates I use for my content on my platforms.

The Website

My website was really an exciting process that I had to go through. Being someone that designs their own website, I’m very picky and hard to please so this was quite the process. I decided on a very clean look that would represnt my brands new look but also a design that would be easy to navigate for anyone who lands on it.

Just like how I work with my clients, planning is eassential. I first went through a process of deciding how my home page will look like. This is the most important page on your website. It’s the first thing people see and the page that directs people to the other pages. I then needed to know what other pages will I have and put together the content for each page. This is something I do on paper, before even touching my laptop. This is a method I find very helpful for me and alows a lot of direction when I start designing.

The content of my website was so crucial. The way I wanted to write about my brand on the website was different now, as I needed to use words that I felt were right to let my audience know what my brand is all about. That alone was a process on it own. How everything was laid out was also important. I wanted to make sure the important parts of my website were clear and that you don’t miss them when you on the website.

I’ve also added information that was not on my previous website, like my portfolio and more informative content about my consultations. This way I don’t get emails all the time requesting this information.

I’m super excited for the journey I’m about to take after this whole process. The new year seems very exciting and there is so much cool content I want to create and share beyond just my client work. Thank you to everyone who has engaged with me on my blog and platforms over the past year, we’ve had some great conversations. Here’s to more of these fun discussions. I also hope to continue to teach and learn from you guys about the tips and tricks of this entrepreneurial journey and the digital space.


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