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Nothando Tembe - My process & systems

My Systems & Processes: How I Manage My Business

The number one rule for productivity is to have a system in place, one that will work for your small business every day. This means putting together documents that are ready to go out to your clients, having premade templates ready for social media and finding the right apps and websites that will assist with your everyday business tasks. I would like to share my processes and the system I have in place for my business. As you get used to running your business and learning along the way you will eventually find your rhythm and figure out what works and what doesn’t.

My Systems & Processes

Managing Daily Tasks

As a small business having a daily to-do list each week allows you to have so much progress for your business. This can include anything from responding to emails, sending emails to potential clients, catching up on client work or any admin & financial tasks

You can always make a to-do list on your diary/planner or even your notepad. Or you can be like me and use a management application like Asana. Asana has my daily task dashboard and also assists with managing my work schedule, client projects and planning all my upcoming blog posts. All you have to do is open your projects and start adding your tasks that you can tick off on a daily as your complete them. Asana also has a great app for your phone, should you have ideas on the go or you want to make notes.

Nothando Tembe - Asana dashboard

Another great tip is deciding on tasks that you want to do each week. I’ve found this helps me quite a lot. I usually do a lot of research, putting together content ideas & scheduling on a Sunday. Monday’s are for the brand’s admin work, catching up on emails and doing any pressing client work. The rest of the week I focus on social media and anything on my schedule.

My next blog post will speak about other applications I use that assist me on a daily, that you can also try out, it will be an updated one from the last one I did here.

Managing My Clients

Client work can be such a process and it’s so important to have the right system to handle inquiries and managing client work. The first thing I did when I started out was to offer price packages for my clients. This allowed me to then create these packages and prices beforehand. Making things easy when I have to respond to client emails asking about my prices. I also created a document that I send as an introduction of how I work and my onboarding process. So everyone knows what to expect in terms of payment, time frame and finishing their project. My onboarding process has to be one of my favorite systems because it works so swiftly

Once I have a confirmed client, I will open a folder on my computer with relevant subfolders that will make it easy for me to save important documents the client might send me and also save final files that I will later send to the client once we are completed with their designs. The next step is opening a project on Asana that will have each task for what needs to happen moving forward. These will also have due dates so I complete on the agreed date with my client.

The other important part is having a client schedule. I do this on Asana as well so I know which projects I’m currently working on that month and when they will be completed. This is also helpful so I don’t take too much work that I will not be able to complete on time.

Nothando Tembe - Asana dashboard

Content Creation & Scheduling

As I’ve mentioned, I use Asana to manage most of my tasks. I opened different projects for my social media, blog, and newsletters. Once that is done, I will have different borders and subtasks under them. This makes it easy for me to jot down content ideas, save important links and also make any notes. I also have due dates, which are the dates of when things should go live.

Nothando Tembe - Asana dashboard

For content creation, I also do a lot of research and reading on Bloglovin & Pinterest. These two platforms are great for inspiration and content direction. The other platform that I use for content creation and all the templates I use on my blog and social media is Canva. If you are a content creator or blogger and you don’t use Canva, you really missing out.

Once all my content is created and is ready to be posted, I then use a scheduling platform and I currently use SmarterQueue & Planoly for my Instagram, which I also use for my clients. This is great to schedule content for all my social media platforms and I schedule content weeks in advance, saving lots of time.

I really hope this post has shed some light on how I manage my crazy life and schedule on a daily. Think the past few months, with the workload I’ve been blessed with, has put my system to the test. I’m happy to say it has not failed me, so I hope you take away some ideas that will assist with figuring out your business system.

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