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Best Way To Plan A Successful Year

Plan A Successful Year

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do? You should go do them!”

Every year without fail, we all start reflecting on the previous year and list a few resolutions and plans on how to have a better year and finally do the things we need to do. Sometime we are successful and sometimes we are not. Without much embarrassment, I also never stick to certain things I say I will do. So this year I honestly want to have a proper action plan, both for my business and personally. I have so much that I need to achieve that this time I cannot afford to drop the ball on anything.

So I have come up with a great method that I feel will be very helpful, help me to identify all the things I need to execute, how to execute and stick to them. Since sharing is caring, I thought this could be something interesting for you too.


First and foremost, it’s very important to look back the previous year and identify some important things. You need to know what has worked for you and what didn’t work. You also need to identify things that brought you bad energy and stuff that affected you in a good way. Sometimes we tend to brush off these things whereas they affect our daily lives SO much. I have learnt to remove myself from situations that tend to upset me or bring out the worst in me. Negative things or people should not be entertained in your life.

Another important thing about reflecting, is that you look at things that you did. This could be in your career or personally. Check if they impacted your positively or negatively, if they worked or they failed. We tend to dwell and use up so much of our time and money on things that don’t contribute to our end goals. Everything that you do from now, should be in line with your path and should get you a step closer to your goals. If you continue entertaining things that don’t move you forward, you will always be stuck in the same spot.

State Your Visions

State your 5 to 10 visions your want for your life as a whole. Identifying and visualizing your life is very helpful. It gives you proper direction as to what you are working towards and how you want it to look. You can list these in your diary/planner, or you can do a vision board. Have it where you will see it, so it constantly reminds you of your plan.

Make sure you don’t just visualize your dream job/career, but visualize a fun and enjoyable life for yourself, a beautiful family or even wonderful friendships. Don’t limit yourself, work towards a holistic end goal.


The most important thing. Setting goals has been something I do for myself every year. And although some of them I don’t always achieve, identifying them has helped me know what is it that I am working towards achieving every year.

When you list you goals make sure they are realistic. Look at your current situation and make sure you are setting a goal that is attainable and not far fetched. As you tick off one, you can move on to a bigger one, so don’t shoot yourself in the foot with unattainable goals at that moment.

It’s also important to have a timeline or deadline. This will help you to work harder to achieve it.


Your should never do anything that has no purpose in your life. Everything you have listed as your goal and your vision should have a bigger meaning and purpose in your life. Your purpose will be why it’s so important to you to achieve that certain thing and how will it affect you if you don’t.

Knowing your purpose will drive you and motivate you to work in attaining what ever you need to attain and will keep in your path always. So make sure you find your why in everything, knowing will keep you focused and nothing will ever come in your way of it.


Besides the above steps to help you achieve a successful year, you need to be in the right state of mind and environment that contributes positively to the life you want. So try reading motivating and inspiring books, blogs or even following certain social media accounts. Visit places that will inspire you, clear your mind or help with your productivity. Also the company you keep is very important. Surround yourself with people who allow you to have fun, but also people that will inspire you and drive you towards your purpose.


How do you plan and execute your yearly plans & goals? Has this worked for you or will you be trying the method I’ve shared?


  • Ntobeh

    As I was reading through this I was weirdly listing my goals in my head and trying to figure out their purpose and envisioning myself attaining them. I have never been one to do this reflecting thing but have rather winged it lol. I think its just put some “stuff” into perspective. Thanks

    Now let me write this down before I forget. 🙂

    January 3, 2017

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