Professional Email Etiquette 

When you are in business, majority of your daily tasks is sending & responding to emails. So it’s very important to know the type of business etiquette you must have via emails. Nothing makes me cringe like receiving emails that are so unprofessional, I don’t even want to respond to them. How you communicate via email tells a lot about the type of person that you are, without even meeting you.

This is a short but sweet post that outlines the most important things.

Correct Spelling 

This is the most important thing to get right. You need to make sure you are spelling your words correctly. Reading an email with wrong spelling is the worst thing you can go through. Make sure you are spelling your recipients name correctly as well. People tend to spell your name wrong regardless of your name being on your email address and signature. The best thing about typing on a computer is the spell check option that you have, make use of it. You don’t want to come off stupid to the person you are emailing with stupid spelling mistakes.

Professional Email Address

When you are in business a professional email address is a no brainier. I’ve had people email me offering me their services and sending me email with their gmail/yahoo addresses. Those are not a problem, but they should be left for your personal use now. When you email someone on behalf of your business, you need to be your brand. When I receive a personalized email address, it shows me that you are taking your business serious regardless of how small your business might be. Plus some of your personal email addresses have the weirdest of names!

Use a Meaningful Subject Line

Your subject line is the first thing that your recipients see and can also determine if you email is read or not. So make sure it describes your email perfectly and don’t use words that can make your email seem as junk mail or far off from what your email is about. There are also people who type their full messages on their subject line, which always confuses the hell out of me. Your subject line should be kept short and sweet!

Use the “CC”, “BCC” Fields Correctly

When you sending an email you have the option to send your email to a number of people, plus the option to hide who else is receiving the email. So many people will send an email with all 100 email addresses in the “To” or “CC” field. It’s very important to make use of these options correctly. When you are sending to multiple email addresses, have your email in the “To” option and all the email addresses you are sending to in the “BCC” field, this way your recipients don’t see who you are emailing and you don’t expose people’s email addresses.

Reply to Emails

People take time emailing you so it’s also important for you to respond to their email. People who don’t respond to emails, show me just how much they don’t regard you and your hustle. It doesn’t take much to kindly decline whatever offer you might have received, this shows respect and help’s you build meaningful business relationships.

Use Correct Salutation

How you open your email and close it off an important element of your email. You need to note the salutations you use, since you are sending a professional email, you can not use certain salutations. Make sure you are also using your recipients correct name when greeting and close off with your name and signature.

Last and importantly is proof read your email, check if you have the correct email address and that you have added an attachment if you mentioned one in your email.

Whats the one thing you cannot stand when receiving an unprofessional email? 

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