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Self Promotion The Right Way

Self Promotion The Right Way

Self-promotion can be quite a daunting and uncomfortable process online. Sometimes we find it difficult to start promoting our new ventures or even building our personal brands which rely on talking about yourself a lot. Sometimes this can get to your followers, usually irritating them or you can come across as someone who is trying way too hard. Self-promotion shouldn’t feel like this for you or your followers. There’s a way of doing it right and also making sure it’s successful

Self Promotion The Right Way

Positioning yourself the right way is so crucial when it comes to running a successful business. As a small business, your branding starts with you. It’s easier to sell your services to people you know first and that trust you. Promoting your business to people you know is also easier as you are comfortable to do so.

But there are people who are scared to even mention that they are offering a certain service and would rather remain anonymous and separate from their business. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but they are already losing an element to connect with potential clients.

This is why it’s important to promote yourself to an existing audience you might already have via your personal platforms and circle. I’m going to discuss how to go about doing this the right way so you don’t end up in uncomfortable situation nor irritating people

Know & Understand Your Target Audience

I have mentioned before in previous blog posts the importance of understanding & knowing your target audience and potential clients. This is really important because this will assist you in understanding how to communicate with people and also communicate the right message with the right people.

Nothing is as irritating has having to see ads or messages about something you are not interested in or not seeing it in the correct manner. So understand your brand, product & services your offering and also understand your audience. This will be the first step in promoting your venture and doing it confidently

Put Together A Plan

When I started my business almost 2 years ago, I sat down and drafted a plan that I will utilize for when I launch. Because no one would have known about my brand when it launches, but I had a few people who know me personally. So my plan was to use the contacts I had, all my facebook friends, twitter & Instagram followers to spread the word about my new business.

I first had to announce that I’m starting my own business which will usually excite people who know me personally. I did this via my personal profiles and even created a database with relevant people to send an introduction email. This happened a few days before the launch date.

So utilize your current social media platforms, do a WhatsApp broadcast and spread the word face to face. If you not sure how you can go about doing this, draft a simple message that you will be comfortable sharing and also recite when you speak to someone. Direct people to your business profile or website for further information

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

The first thing I told myself when I decided I one day want to run my own business, what that I need to step out of my comfort zone. I’ve always been a reserved person, hated situations that will have me speaking to strangers or speaking about myself. I then realized that being this person will get in my way and I stopped being afraid.

If you are this type of person you need to start identifying your weak points and why you fear talking about yourself or sharing about your venture. You do not want your fears and insecurities getting in your way of realizing your dreams and promoting your business.

Self-promotion has everything to do with marketing. If you are starting out and you know marketing is not your strong suite, this will mean investing in someone professional that will create your online content and possibly be managing your online platforms. Without marketing, especially online, you can consider your business unsuccessful from the get-go

I’d love to know if self-promotion has worked for you and how you have managed to be successful at doing it?  

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