Sending Your First Newsletter With Mailchimp

I have previously done an introduction post on Email Marketing, which shares some great insight on why it’s great to collect an email database and send some emails to your clients.

This post is basically going to into more detail on how to setup a Mailchimp account and send out a newsletter to your database. It’s always scary using a new program so I thought it would be great to make the process a little easier for you.

I currently use Mailchimp, for the simple reason that it’s a free option and also very easy to use. So if you are starting out this is also a great option. As your database grows and your business grows you can start looking at other options that will be suitable for you.

So make sure you go and register first and then you can follow with the below steps once your account is up and running.

Create A List 

So the first thing you need to do is create a List, your database list basically. Where all the emails of people who sign up will be added to. You are allowed to create multiple lists if you are sending different information to different people. So for example I have a client list and a list of people who read my blog as I would send different communication to each group.

So you will create your list under the Lists tab. Then you will click the Create List Tab and add the required information. This information will depend on who the communication is coming from. Is it you personally or as your business/brand. Then you will add information on how people got on the list as a reminder that they did sign up and where they did.

They will ask for your address as a legal requirement. So use your office address if you have one if not try a PO Box just for safety reasons.

Sign Up Form 

Once you have done your list you can start designing and setting up your sign up form. Your sign up form is what you will embed on your site to collect your emails from people who sign up. Great thing about it is that you can customize it to fit your site, with different colors and pictures.

So what you do is, you go to where you created your lists, click on Sign Up Forms and then General Forms. 

Sending Your First Newsletter With Mailchimp

Mailchimp allows different types of forms that you can choose from. So if you want to go simple you can do so, if not you can click the Design It button to further customize your form. Here you can add a header image which you can design or just add your logo. Then you can choose background colors, change the color of your subscribe button and more.

Setup Welcome Email 

Your welcome email is basically your introduction email. This is what your subscribers get once they have gone through the process of signing up. This is where you can tell them a bit about yourself or business and basically what they can expect moving forward everytime you send something into their inbox.

Sending Your First Newsletter With Mailchimp

You will be able to customize your welcome email under your general forms and by clicking final welcome email. You can add images, use different fonts and colors to make it as attractive as you want.


Sending Your First Newsletter With Mailchimp

If your sign up form has some sort of lead or freebie than your welcome email will be handing over that to them. So for example if you an online store you can entice anyone who comes to your site with a discount code if they sign up to your newsletter. So your welcome email will be you giving them the discount code to use on your site. If you sending a document then you will upload your PDF to your site in your media and add the link to it on your welcome email.

Create Newsletter 

Now that you have done all the boring stuff you can get to designing and sending your first newsletter. Like I said earlier Mailchimp is really easy to use so you won’t have any issues with creating something you will be happy about.

So now you need to head over to Campaigns then click create campaigns. You then have the option of what type of format you want to create. Once you’ve chosen you will then need to choose the list you sending to, add your email subject and create your newsletter.

Sending Your First Newsletter With Mailchimp

Mailchimp gives you different template options that you can edit if not you can create a regular template where you can design yourself through their drag and drop feature. You can add images, text, buttons and still link them to your site. You can see all of your options in the box on the right.

Newsletter With Mailchimp

If you will be using the same design next time make sure you save your template so it will be easy to edit for your next newsletter. Make sure you have linked your social media in the footer below so you can grow your platforms at the same time.

You will be able to preview your email to see how it will look like when it arrives in people’s mailbox’s or even send a test email to yourself. Then when you click next at the bottom, you will be able to check if everything is okay and that you happy with everything. Then you are good to send to your list.


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