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Social Media Detox: A Must Do

So last week I decided to take a break from Social Media. The fact that I use Social Media for work and for my clients, means I need to always be connected. But besides that I have noticed just how much I’m always checking and refreshing my TL to make I don’t miss out on anything, which has made me quite addicted. My reason for the break was because I was so unmotivated and seemed to be in quite a dull mood for some odd reason. When I feel like that I usually don’t have the energy for anything and just couldn’t get myself to create any creative content, hence no blog post last week. So I thought this would be a great time to take a break and do a Social Media Detox, so I don’t contribute to my already foul mood.


Social Media is a great platform that allows us to get inspired with our work and careers. It also allows us to connect with people but also make business connections. We make money on Social Media, so its quite a positive contribution in our daily lives. But we have to agree that Social Media and the internet can be a very cruel and mean place just as much as it can be good for us. People have just found a way for us to sometimes dislike being online that sometimes we wish it can have some sort of restrictions.

When you need a break, take it instead of having the pressure to post for the sake of updating people on what is going on in your life and pressure of proving something. Try and use the time to evaluate yourself personally and in your career. Spend time catching up on reading or even interacting with people around you. I love the fact that I did this in a week I was very busy with work and trying to connect with other people. Because it allowed me to be present in the moment instead of being stuck on my phone and trying to capture perfect pictures for the gram.

social media detox

I have now reflected on how it has helped me and I feel more at ease and ready to tackle all my goals, because I have managed to sit down and plan out my next moves without the distraction of certain things I might have come across on Social Media that might have put negative thoughts in my head or even pressurized me into things that are not for me.

I would like to encourage each and everyone to try and break away from Social Media and every now and again. To just be able to live life without the need to be connected to people who are not around us or people we don’t know.

Our lives have been consumed by our phones, that we don’t see the inspiration around us. 

I have this great challenge for people who might not want to break away completely. I know I will also be using this once a month a least so I decrease the time I spend online.


What are some of the reasons you stay away from Social Media? Have you done a Social Media detox before, what were your benefits?


  • This is exactly what I needed to read! I’m constantly checking my feed and can’t go a day without posting, I’m a prisoner to my phone. *logs off all social media*

    January 11, 2017
  • Andiswa Linda

    I’m currently on a social media detox. It’s been 2 weeks. VERY hard 2 weeks I might add (LOL). I decided to take one after reading this blog post a few weeks ago. I had to do a system restore on my phone and I ended up not downloading any SM apps. It’s been tough but I absolutely needed to do this as I had more time to think & reflect on my goals and what was the plan for this year.

    Also managed to finish Shonda Rhimes’ Year of Yes which I’m extremely happy about. I learnt a lot from this book & realized that if I didn’t go off social media I wouldn’t have learnt what I needed to learn to set out my plans! I’m also planning to do this on a regular basis but also warn people that I’m off it as I found that I’m missing out on family events due to people being used to communicate with me via SM & they assume that I’ve received their messages (hides face).

    Thank you again for this post Nothando.

    January 31, 2017

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