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Hello & Welcome to my website…

I started my business & this blog to help other small businesses. My passion to teach, assist and make this journey in the business world a little bit easier. I’m here to tell you that I’ve made some mistakes and I’m here to make sure you avoid them. I’m eager to share all my lessons that I hope will inspire you and keep you going till you reach your goals.

I want to inspire you, be real with you and help you in any way I can.

A little bit about myself…

Nothando Tembe


As mentioned I work with start-ups and small businesses and I’m also passionate about making sure I pass on my knowledge and a few of my skills. I’ve catered all my services and content to be available to anyone who might want them and for people who need it the most.

I’m a qualified PR Practitioner and very passionate about Digital Marketing. I’ve spent a few years learning and teaching myself a few things, that have led me to running my business. I’m a creative at heart and very obsessed with building brands and seeing them succeed in the digital space.

I really hope my blog will be your go to site for creative business resources or to just be inspired by the stories I share about my journey.

Should you be interested to using one of my services you can learn more about my brand on my about page and more about my services here. If you not ready to commit to a lot, you can take a look at my consultation packages

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