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The Importance of A Business Website

It’s so shocking to see how many business owners, that provide services or sell products don’t have a website. A website should be the first priority when you decide to go into business. I use google to find just about anything, more especially local service providers and if I could be a potential client for your business and your business doesn’t pop up in my google search, you have missed a business opportunity. Your presence online is very important, especially if you are a Small Business.


NOTHANDO TEMBE -The Importance of A Business Website

I share my points on the importance of a business website in today’s post and I hope it will be encouraging to get you started to finally create one.


As I have mentioned, you need to pop up in Google searches. Thanks to technology and the use of SEO, it has become very easy to be visible in google searches when people search for your type of business or services. This means your brand gets exposed to new potential clients that can eventually become clients. It’s also great to be present and visible online for anyone who might want to know more about your business, what you do and how you can help them.  It’s also great to be able to refer someone to your website when you don’t have a business card on hand or even better redirecting inquiries from Social Media to the website.


A website designed professionally and informative will never never reveal if your business is small or a big establishment. This is why it’s important to invest in a good design, have well written content and images that showcase what you do perfectly. This builds trust with everyone that visits your website and motivates people to want to get in contact with you. A website will say you are professional way before people meet you and know who is behind the business or brand.


Your website must have all the information about what you do, how you do it and where you do it. When a potential client lands on your page they will want to see your About page, your Services and your Contact page. Those are the most important pages you need to have and they must be well written and not leave anything out. Another great thing about a business website is having a blog, where you get to share informative resources that shows you as an expert in your industry and motivates people to work with you. Share everything and anything that is important and that will pursue people to want to work with you.

Low Cost Advertising

Your website has to be one of the cheapest advertisement you can use to promote your business. Once development has been paid for, maintenance is very low afterwards and thanks to Google, they allow you to be able to promote your website to rank high in google searches through AdSence. Using Social Media to run ads also helps direct traffic to your website for more information.

There are many options available to help you create a website if you would want to do it yourself and not pay anyone. WordPress is also a great option as they have free templates to choose from. Otherwise it’s always great for you to invest in a good website that will be done professionally and will help you rank well on search engines. Be sure to take time creating your copy and content that will go up on the website and as I mentioned your most important pages will be your About, Services and Contact page.


Be sure to check my portfolio to see the great websites I’ve done for my clients and hopefully consider me to creating an amazing online platform for your brand

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