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The Value In Branding Your Business

The Value in Branding Your Business

Branding has always been a trending topic on my blog since I started blogging and the reason behind this, is because of the importance of branding when it comes to small businesses or a business in general. I’ve done very helpful posts about discovering your brand when starting and also what goes into designing a logo for better understanding of the process. Today I want to touch on the topic so you can realize why it’s so important and a must to invest in good branding.

The Value In Branding Your Business

I’ve mentioned this a number of times and will mention it once again, branding is not just your logo, there is so much more to it. Your branding has to do with everything that connects you with your clients, so your core values are really important, this drives everything else. We then start considering your logo and full on business stationary, it’s also your website and your Social Media platforms.

Although what I have mentioned is alot, you need to start with what you can start with and then move on from there. Your branding needs to be consistant and also speak for your brand positively when people come across it. Your branding also drives customer experience, but most importantly in the digital age, experience with your audience who could potentially be your clients.

Branding is important for every type of businesses, small to medium to large sized businesses. Even though new small businesses can never really afford to brand themselves, they need to work around that to make sure they at least get a professional logo done which can be very helpful.

Hopefully the points below will give you a bit more understanding and motivation to start with your branding or work on your current branding to work positively for your business:

It Promotes Recognition

When you brand your business the right way, it allows people to recognize you even when they’ve never worked with you. And should they consider working with you one day, it will be easy for them to trust your product and services.

I’ve had quite a few people compliment my work yet I’ve never ever worked with them at all, because they’ve seen my work on social media or just loved how I’ve branded myself online.

It Provides Business Clarity

Before you do your branding you will always need to start by defining your business, your brand goals and it’s values. This means you are helping yourself gain clarity of what exactly is your business about, making it easy for you to present your product/services to your clients. This is also something I usually discuss with a client before the design process even kicks off.

Having a clear brand strategy means you stay focused whilst driving your business goals and your branding will also be a clear representation of this.

It Will Set You Apart

With so many of us running similar businesses and selling the same products, how do you set yourself apart from your competition?

This is where your branding and how your position yourself is so important. People will tend to gravitate to brands they trust based on how they look and how they present themselves to them.

Provides Motivation

When you have professional and amazing branding you are so proud of your business that you are motivated to start working, to reach that next goal.

If I’d tell you how many times I’ve met people who were ready to just give up, because they don’t see any results, until I tell them it’s due to their look and feel of their brand. The moment we start working on their branding, they start getting excited and are ready and proud to put their business out there.

You Drive Positive Referrals

This is something I can easily attest to. I’ve had clients that I go through referrals and sometimes referrals from people I’ve never even worked with before.

When you put yourself out there in a clear way and people notice, it becomes easy for them to trust your business and refer you to anyone who might need your business. Also when your clients have great experience with you they will no doubt tell someone good things about you.

Provides Business Values

This is so important especially when you are a small business. We usually start out with nothing, no funding, no work space, no clients, but still need to come across as a valuable brand.

Good branding will always give you value in the market beyond all the things you do not have.

Your Branding Is Your Promise To Your Client

The moment you take your business serious and brand it the right way you, are already promising your clients you will do what you are promising to them. This is due to the fact that your brand will not only represent your offering but also represents you as an individual.


Now that you are in the clear as to why you need to make sure you have a clear brand strategy and amazing branding that will represent you well, go ahead and invest in it. You will lose nothing but gain so much more.

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