What Goes Into A Logo Design

Now that we have had some time to answer some of the most important questions towards discovering our Brand Identity, we can move on to designing our logo. When I started freelancing I used to believe that when you brief a designer for a logo all you have to do is tell them your business name and they do their magic. I have come such a long way, thanks to working with a few brands, in knowing the best way to craft a great design brief, that helps my graphic designer create a logo design unique and that speaks to a brand perfectly.


Nothando Tembe - What Goes Into A Logo Design


One of the greatest things you can do for your brand is working with a professional graphic designer, even if you are starting out. Your logo design should be one of the few things you spend your money on, because a professional will know how to take your vision and bring it to life. There are different types of creatives, so it’s very important to know that a graphic designer will need straight forward information and great examples to understand your brief.

Below I have broken down what you need to consider when doing your own background research to find out what type of look you are going for and also what to consider when compiling your design brief:

Your Brand Identity

This is where all the information gathered from those questions I listed in the Brand Identity post come in. You need to give your designer a proper idea of what is your brand and what it stands for. Here you can list your mission statement, a list of your brand values, your main holistic services and your target audience. This will give the designer an idea of how your logo should look and feel and who it’s appealing too.

Choose a Theme or Color Scheme

Choosing a theme or colors you want to work with for your brand, allows you to give it a personality. We all learnt the color wheel at school, so this is where it can be useful. It’s important to know which colors go together and also what emotions they evoke, especially with regards to your industry. You don’t want to end up using playful colors when you want to come across serious and professional or the other way around when you want to portray a laid back brand.

I love using Pinterest to find inspiration for anything and everything. Luckily you are bound to find already made mood boards with any color or you can put one together yourself, using pictures you feel will speak for your brand.


Logo Design Mood Board

Be Inspired

In order to be more inspired, see what other brands in the same industry as yours are doing. If there’s anything you like, make sure you share it with your designer. These help a lot because they will get to know what direction you want and the style of designs you want your brand to take. The designer will use it as inspiration and will create something unique for your brand.

These are some of the options I had for my logo design. This process can take a while, which is why you need to know how many reverts and changes you will have once you have received options.

logo design

Make sure you read your brief and that it makes sense, because if you don’t understand it, then your designer won’t as well. Add any copy you will want on your logo, making sure there are no spelling mistakes. Remember designers are not copywriters so they won’t spell check copy you send them.

You must make sure you work with a designer you feel will do a great job for you, that their work is great and also that the package they are offering you is worth it and will give you at least 3 design options, sufficient reverts and that you will receive all important file formats

Be sure to enjoy this whole process, its the best part of the whole branding process, because there’s nothing exciting as seeing your brand finally come to life.


I have worked with a few brands to bring their brands to life through design. Be sure to check out my Portfolio and feel free to contact me for your brand design needs 


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