Over the past few weeks, Instagram finally released their new feature in SA. First it was Instagram for Business, then we got Instagram Stories and now we have Instagram Live.

Instagram Live works by streaming real-time videos via Instagram Stories. But unlike Stories, Periscope and Facebook Live, Instagram Live videos aren’t hosted on the platform — they are deleted immediately after each live session and are not posted to users’ feeds.

I’ve caught quite a few live stories of my followers, but have not yet used the feature myself. I’m still trying to gain some courage, as the whole “live” situation is a bit scary and overwhelming since people ask you questions there and there. But I am planning to start hosting live stories to answer some Q&A’s my readers & followers might have.

But with that said, I thought it would be great to share some light on a few great ways this feature can help you connect your business with your followers & clients.

Host A Q&A

Depending on your type of business, you can easily host a session where you answer questions posed by your followers. This is great for fellow creatives, bloggers & influencers and even personal brands. People always want to feel connected with you and there are certain questions they always want answered by you. Try announcing the session before hand so people join in & maybe take questions prior to going live

Do a Live Tutorial/Demo

If your business allows you to show or demonstrate a certain skill or trick, it would be great to use this live option to host such a session. If you are a blogger, you can also give styling tips but showing different outfit ideas or a hair tutorial. Once people know you are giving free advice or tips they will always look forward to your live videos.

Share Exclusive Tips

This is also a great space to share business tips or advice for other fellow entrepreneurs. Then your followers will also be able to interact with you on the topic and drive a meaningful discussion. This is definitely a session I hope to do soon.

Launch New Products or Make Big Announcements

Instagram Live gets deleted soon after you stop it. So when you have a really big announcement, launching a new service or a product, hosting a live session means that you are giving exclusive news to the people who actually join you at that time. You can even host competition or giveaways and only people who have joined will know about it.

Share Fun Behind The Scenes Moments

There are always fun and interesting times that happen behind the scenes of a business. Showing your office dynamics or when you have a meeting with a really cool client or even when you are attending an event. Showing these cool moments as they happen will show the other side of your business and make you relatable.


How have you been using these new cool Instagram features, do share with me?